Remi Bizouard


There are some FMX riders who can whip a crowd into a delusional state with a bag of tricks that seems to shock even the most hardened fans. Remi is one of such men. He may not look like a roadie for Slash but his ability on a bike is so damn huge that it’s all you’ll ever remember about him anyway. When’s he’s riding, Remi is wired to only throw the biggest tricks and is so uber professional about how he sets about owning any ramp that he’s been one of Europe’s most in demand guys of late.

Remi became a massive name in the sport having dismantled the opposition in the IFMXF World Championships in the 2008 and 2009 seasons. And what a job he did – bagging 10 (yeah one, zero) wins in the 2009 season. With the attention of the FMX fraternity well and truly secured it’s been a case of riding dream locations and taking the sport to new places and fans all over the globe since.

Oh, and he’s an all round cool guy: always has time for a chat and will never leave a fan hanging when they want a sticker or an autograph. Nuff said.

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