Reubyn Ash

United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Hailing from Bude UK Reubyn is one of the few British guys that has managed to make a name for himself on the international surf scene.

You would be lucky to find Reubyn in Bude these days as this guy has got the life most of us normal folk would only dream of spending months at a time on a small island in Bali with no internet, no phones, no hassle just pure surfing.

He has been know to take his Dad along with him to film his travels who luckily enough is a notorious surf filmer himself. Reubyn produces the surf edits and posts them up on his website when he gets back to the mainland.
Reubyn however is not shy of a competition when he decides all that sun and pressure free surfing is too much for him, as proven when he smashed the competition at the Nike 6.0 “cash for tricks” comp in Hossegor, France.
Be it off the cost of Cornwall, lapping up waves in Indonesia or shredding a wave pool in the desert, Reubyn continues to deliver the goods time and time again.
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