Dominik Wagner


Dominik Wagner, also known as "Wögner", started snowboarding when he was 12 years old. He was looking for something similar to skateboarding for the wintertime,  so the decision was pretty easy. After a couple of years just having fun, things got a little more serious when he won the ticket to the International Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam Finals in Mammoth…

He just gave it a try and started to ride all the big Rail Jams like Frontline in Stockholm, Upside Down in Linz or Ride Shakedown in Garmisch.

His main focus is mainly on filming and shooting photos. He loves watching snowboard and skate videos himself and that´s what motivates him to go out every day and give his best!

Own video parts: Nitro Team Movie, Nitro Roadwarriors Movie, Love Team Movie, Bluetomato Team Move and the Bamboo Motion Picture´s Move Sketchy and the ones before.

To him  riding street is the most fun because of having the possibility to get super creative and find something new every day!

He just want´s to snowboard as much as he can, to have a good time with his friends and to enjoy life.

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