Ellie-Jean Coffey

The eldest of 5 children, Ellie-Jean started surfing at three going doubles on a mal with her dad, and a bubble on her back. Like her younger sister Holly-Sue, Ellie-Jean didn’t have a conventional upbringing. She travelled around Australia in a bus with her family when she was 11 and was home schooled after that.

Since she was young she has competed extensively, winning many state and Australian Titles and various other trophies, such as Occy Grom Comp, Jesus Pro Am, Billabong Girls Surf Series and the Rip Curl Grom Search Series 2 years in a row.

This year she came 2nd in the Australasian Pro Junior Series and also placed second in the dying minutes of the ISA World Juniors at Panama.

Her goals are to do the qualifying series with her sister Holly-Sue in 2013 and hopefully be on the tour the following year.
When she’s not on her surfboard you can probably find Ellie-Jean sipping on a Monster Coffee and listening to tunes on her iPod.
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