Gautier Paulin


Gautier Paulin is the epitome of natural style, skill and endeavour on a motorcycle. The Frenchman has a technique that is frequently unorthodox but is mesmerising and wonderfully efficient. His challenges to MXGP supremo Antonio Cairoli in his two seasons as part of the premier class of the FIM Motocross World Championship mean that he is one of the leading protagonists of the series and one of Europe’s very best off-road motorcycle racers. Sensational Grand Prix victories in Bulgaria, Portugal and Italy last year were only offset by an unlucky tumble in Germany that saw the 23 year old (24 in March) suffer a concussion.

Electric on a motorcycle thanks to a BMX background as a kid and a laid-back, sun-loving dude once the lid has been taken off, Paulin is another one of the prized Monster Energy MX elite. Growing up close to Cannes it’s only natural that GP21 likes his fine watches, jet-skis, fast cars and beachside sushi but the lifestyle is only one side of the individual that has won MX2 and MX1 Grands Prix, a European Championship and is equally at home on a supercross track as a motocross berm. In his third year as a factory Kawasaki rider Paulin has made notable progress in his two previous terms on the KX450F and 2014 has to be the year when he pushes Cairoli longer and harder than any other rider to date. It will be a close and tense season-long dice and one not to miss, right up until the Motocross of Nations in Latvia where Paulin will once more be the cornerstone of the French team.

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