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According to the dictionary, polarise is a weak verb which often has a strong effect, most of the time unintentionally. However, this is not the case for Eskimo Callboy. "While writing of our album, it was our top priority not to miss out on the famous "shake of the heads" by the critics", said singer Sebastian aka Sushi regarding the themes of polarisation and provocation. So, a system lies behind everything that the six piece does. It is no coincidence that the band´s name tries to approach the poles apart...

For ten years, the six musicians of Eskimo Callboy wandered through this cosmos called „Rock Music", until they found each others in 2010. Rumor tell, that spirits had their part in the game, when the present concept first took shape musically. The song "Monsieur Moustache vs. Clitcat" represented the initial spark to what Eskimo Callboy represents today, according to their own statement: "Danceable porn-metal, with a pinch of psychedelic glam rock!" This catches on, turns on and scandalizes. Sometimes.

In past year, the 6-track EP "Eskimo Callboy 2010" reflected the creativity of these six midtwenty fellows from Castrop-Rauxel in Germany at the beginning of their existence as a band; however, since then a lot has happened. Too much to remain unmentioned. Everything had to be recorded on an album. "After we had released our EP, we went direcly on stage. After six months and 30 shows, so many things had happened that an album was needed. Even relationships broke up because of the band, so that everything had to be renewed and, above all, recorded."

Despite of all developments, when writing the new songs Eskimo Callboy oriented themselves towards the sound on their EP. But as time went by, their compositions were becoming increasingly sophisticated, so that on the new longplayer just a sort of bridging remains. The best example for this development is the first single „Is Anyone Up", in which the band self confidently combines brutal metal-riffs with poppy electro-elements and anthemic refrains. Whether songs like "Bury Me In Vegas", "Wonderbra Boulevard" or "The Kerosene Dance", Eskimo Callboy make clear that they are cutting-edge with their modern metal-sound. "The album is harder and at the same time it has become more pop, though it remains connected to the previous style, so that we can say that we have remained faithful to ourselves."

Remaining faithful to themselves means also keeping their light-heartedness of which they owe their multitude of fans. They come close, carelessly, lightly and courageously. They continue joining what is difficult to join and creating issues for discussion. "For years, each member has been musically well acquainted with metal, but privately we listen to a lot of electro and pop music, too. Nothing was too absurd when we wrote the EP. We have tried many new things and we have rejected nothing, actually. And although Eskimo Callboy became more professional in some respects during the first year, it was clear that we didn´t want to lose our light-heartedness."

Signing with Redfield Records belongs to the "professional things". "The label saw our shows. Then, we talked and they seemed to be assured by what they had seen and heard." But also the band´s organization became more professional, the structure of today is a team that "feels like a small family". They have become best friends, while the band is growing more and more, no longer being being a simple hobby. "We spend so much time together; therefore, the sense of community has also tremendously grown."

This is why their lyrics are often about true, collectively experienced stories. "Behind every song lies a true story, which is improved with lots of imagination. However, no one should take the lyrics too seriously, because they involve a lot of sarcasm. They are about parties, sex, booze experiences and interpersonal relationships."

The savoir vivre of the carefree youth is especially reflected again in the dance-parts of their music. Because these six know from personal experiences, what their generation wants. "Partying and dancing! Through the electronical elements, a danceable mix can be noticed in our music. That is very important to us, because our music is meant to create a good mood." The priorities are set, it´s all about looking ahead now. "We simply want to continue as before. A lot of travelling, meeting new people, visiting cities, in order to expand our network - shortly: having a good time. Our "big" goal is to participate in a tour through the United States. But above all, we do not want to give up that what our music stands for. Because it´s not just about the music alone, but also about a temporary sense of life, that we want to achieve with it."

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Eskimo Callboy are:
Sebastian Biesler - Vocals
Kevin Ratajczak - Synts, Vocals
Daniel Haniß - Guitar
Pascal Schillo - Guitar
Daniel Klossek - Bass
Michael Malitzki - Drums

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