November 17, 2014 The Monster Energy Rally Raid Team have unveiled the line-up of men and machines that will take on the most grueling race in motorsport. Loe lisaks
  • Jorge podiums at Gulf 12 Hours GT race

    Detsember 15, 2014

    If you’re going to switch things up from racing on two wheels, to four, then you better do it in style. That’s exactly what double world champion and Monster Energy MotoGP rider Jorge Lorenzo did last weekend, by taking a scorching class victory at the Gulf 12 Hours endurance race.

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  • Nani Roma: The Dakar – More Than a Race

    4 päeva tagasi In just over three week’s time, the flag drops on motorsport’s most extreme test of man and machine... Loe lisaks


    Monster Energy’s Nyjah Huston cannot be touched on his Skateboard.  Think of any of the World’s legendary spots or contests and most likely Nyjah and his endless bag of tricks and overall Skate domination pop to mind.  How does Nyjah stay at the forefront of Street Skating and rack up $Millions$ in contest winnings?  By...

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