Angelus Apatrida


Name: Angelus Apatrida

Meaning of the name: Basically we named it without having much to do with the meaning, It´s a mixture of Latin and Spanish and can be translated to angels without a country


Guillermo Izquierdo (Albacete, 23.11.83) Guitar and voice

David G. Álvarez (Valencia, 09.10.83) Guitar

Victor Valera (Murcia, 04.01.83) Drums

José J. Izquierdo (Albacete, 05.03.77) Base Guitar

From: Albacete, Spain

Must know about the band: Although there were some adjustments on the formation of the band, all members in one way or another are founding members of Apatrida Angelus. Currently considered the most important band in the Spanish history of Thrash Metal and one of the highlights of the European scene.


Evil Unleashed (Autoproducido, Marzo 2006)

Give ‘Em War (Autoproducido, Septiembre 2007)

Clockwork (Century Media Records, Junio 2010)

Discography label: Century Media Records

Style/s: Thrash Metal / Groove Metal / Heavy Metal

Influences: N.W.O.B.H.M., Bay Area Thrash Metal, European Thrash Metal, Hardcore, Death Metal, etc.


This young metal commando was born in the year 2000 in Albacete, an isolated small town in the middle of nowhere in Spain which stands for having a great wine tradition and being the most important manufacturer of knives in the whole world; “Albacete has no musical infrastructures at all, so we had to fight really hard and do everything by ourselves”, states lead guitarist, singer and mastermind Guillermo Izquierdo. The band’s name mixes Spanish and Latin language and can be translated into English as ‘stateless’ or ‘renegade’ angels. Influenced by the early Bay Area Thrash Metal and N.W.O.B.H.M. scenes and more specifically bands like Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Anthrax, Overkill, Pantera, Testament or Annihilator, ANGELUS APATRIDA have crafted their career in their Spanish homeland so far with two independent, self-released albums, “Evil Unleashed” (2006) and “Give ‘Em War” (2007), as well as countless of live-appearances on larger national festivals (Lorca Rock, Alternavigo, Metalway Festival, etc.) and in the clubs of most of the country’s larger cities together with acts like Barón Rojo, Destruction, Sepultura or most recently labelmates Arch Enemy, who they supported on a tour of Iberia in December 2009.ANGELUS APATRIDA recently finished recording their highly anticipated new album, “Clockwork”, at Ultrasound Studios in Braga, Portugal. Produced by Daniel Cardoso together with the band, “Clockwork” is a masterpiece of,modern Thrash Metal and will be released internationally via Century Media Records on June 22nd, 2010 to further allow the band to show what they got, also beyond the borders of their home-country. “We feel this is a once-in-alifetime chance and we won’t let it pass. We are ready to show all metalheads around the globe what we got and that we are here!”, adds Izquierdo. Packaged with striking artwork courtesy of Gustavo Sazes / (Arch Enemy, Firewind, Sonic Syndicate, etc.), “Clockwork” includes 12 relentless, yet dynamic and brilliantly performed own cuts as well as a special cover version of Iron Maiden’s “Be Quick Or Be Dead” on the limited edition first pressing version of the release. Throughout the whole album, ANGELUS APATRIDA not only perfectly manage to combine both the aggression and the melodic edge ofclassic 80’s Thrash Metal roots with a breathtaking modern southern fury to result in an impressive blend of rage and attitude, but the band also showcases a level of technical skills rarely seen in such perfected shape with other young bands of the style.ANGELUS APATRIDA will kick off a strong 2010 live-campaign upon release of the new album with shows in their homeland Spain and then tour with Skeletonwitch and Warbringer all over Europe in August/September. Mark the band’s words: “We feel stronger than ever! Everything that’s happening around the band is new and we are taking it with all our enthusiasm. We are ready and can’t wait for the record to come out. Nobody is gonna stop us now!!!”

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Guillermo Izquierdo (Angelus Apatrida)

Likes? Honesty, commitment, humility, effort ... on the other hand party, beer, red wine, good food, good music, Star Wars, football

Dislikes? Liars, fakes, stubborns, cowardly ... I do not like television, prefabricated music, intolerance ... too many things

Believes in… my girlfriend, my family, my friends and in myself, for all the rest I´m quite skeptical.

Why monster? Because some years ago it has been the energetic drink that, other than it has the best taste and the most pure energy, has supported Rock and Metal music.

Best Monster moment? Many, perhaps most sense for what the past meant was at Resurrection Fest 2011, also discovered that there is an incredible flavour Monster mixed with Jägermeister!

Favorite Monster flavor? All of them in fact,I usually drink LoCarb as it has low calories, although I would say Ripper is the tastyest. In France I saw the Monster Khaos although we could not taste it, soon I hope so.

Sports? I´m a avid football fan, but I like to watch any game, I´m a follower of Albacete Balompié, FC Barcelona and of course of the spanish football team! As for practice, I just grind the bar hahahaha, in addition to the concerts that we sweat like hell. When I get that hype sometimes I go back to the gym all though I do not usually last more than a month.

Tattoos? Only one on my right back leg, it´s CFH logo with a masive panther, the meaning is obvious right?

Best track… Stranger In A Strange Land of Iron Maiden or The Art Of Shredding the Panther

Best live song? Soo many, but maybe Give ‘Em War as we always make a masive Wall Of Death with the crowed, the pogo is always amazing.

What should your fans/readers should know about you? I am a completely normal person, with studies, with his shit in life and victories, the most interesting fact may be part with my fellows "Angelus Apatrida" and take the band to the top after 11 years together.

What’s essential in your suitcase when you go travelling/tour? Iphone, Ipod and laptop, PSP and a lot of tabacco!

Favorite gadget? Without any doubt, my Iphone 4, allthough the day I get an Ipad it will all change hahha..

Anecdote? All my life, especially the bit linked to the group, full of stories both good and bad, the most recent and perhaps most significant is when we toured next to Slayer and Megadeth. At the end of the tour we were able to chat with the band members and they congratulated us for being the best openers they´ve ever had (so they say). Another good one was when we where at the backstage of Sonisphere festivaland Janick Gers of Iron Maiden and asked if there was free beer, to which I replied that if there wasn´t I would buy him one, with the appropriate laughter after also hahahha

Strengths and weaknesses? I´m not the best person to say my virtue and I have many flaws, and some may also be a virtue ... maybe I would say perseverance and Maniac.

What or who motivates you/Who inspires you? My girlfriend, friends and family, the desire to do best and do well.

What is the most crazy thing you’ve done? So far I have not done anything crazy other than quit everything to try and bring Angelus Apatrida as high as possible, but this madness is part of the four members hahahhaha

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