Dawn Of The Maya


Igor. 03/14/83 Pamplona. voice
Eneko. 04/07/85 San Sebastian. Bass and vocals.
Garci. 02/27/89. Pamplona. Guitar and voice.
Marcos. 17/02/89. Logroño. Battery.
Marta. 15/06/86. Pamplona. Keyboards.

Hometown: Pamplona

Sour Soul Never Dies (2007)
Me, The Planet (2010)
The Truth Is In Front Of You (2012)

Label: No Label.

Style/s: Metal, Hardcore.

Influences: Underoath, Bring Me The Horizon, The Devil Wears Prada, While She Sleeps.

The band `Dawn Of The Maya was formed in 2006 in Pamplona. In 2007 they released their first album `Sour Soul Never Dies` by Fragment Records. With it, they broke into the scene. A year later the group undergoes a radical change of it`s members and in 2010 they recorded their second album `Me, The Planet`, once again with Fragment Records. The album received good reviews from the media and allowed to tour the country, and played in several international festivals like the Resurrection Fest in 2011. During the same year they began composing their third album `The Truth Is In Front Of You`. The album was recorded during the summer of 2012 in `The Metal Factory Studios` and sees the light on 12/12/12, nine days before the end of the Mayan calendar.

Meaning of name: Dawn of the Maya. Our lyrics talk about this culture, the love of nature, mythology and it`s gods


Eneko: Travelling.
Garci: Traveling and learning.
Igor: The music as a whole is good, real and with feeling.
Marcos: Movies, popcorn, technology and of course, the drums.
Marta: Music, movies, eating and traveling.

Eneko: The cold feeling.
Garci: The rich thieves.Igor: The karaoke / Scurfy television reality shows that try to sell that product as good music.
Marcos: Seeing someone`s work is discredited.
Marta: People who do not have their own opinions and are carried away by the masses. Football.

Believes in ...
Eneko: I believe in me.
Garci: You reap what you sow, no free lunch.
Igor: The real musicians who compose and work with love and dedication in their work because they are within the soul.
Marcos: The Karma and work.
Marta: Hard work and effort. Nothing good is achieved quickly.

Why Monster?
Eneko: sponsor is clearly the best that we could have raised, I love the image of Monster, supporting as it does.
Garci: Taste, energy and attitude.
Igor: Because when you enter a minimum of fatigue at the wheel you drink one, and it`s like you slept 10 hours a instant. You`re cool, clear, is holy hand!
Marcos: Attitude and flavor.
Marta: A part of it is very rich because they are doing an amazing job with bands and athletes. It seems a very good initiative to promote and support being provided both in music and in sports.

Best Monster moment?
Eneko: Resurrection Fest 2011, an unforgettable experience!
Garci: Resurrection Fest.
Igor: During the recording of our new album in Madrid, the last day, when only missing a few sentences to finish the album at full strength failed me. The extreme heat in July, the accumulation of fatigue after four days in a row with the voices, etc ... could me, dizziness, headache and unable to keep shouting. I drank two cans of Monster ½ (half liter) and not just finished recording the album as an animal, but I came back to the ground running! Resurrected.
Marcos: Resurrection Fest!
Marta: No doubt the Resurrection Fest 2011.

Favorite Monster flavor?
Eneko: The original, no doubt.
Garci: Monster Energy Original and Rehab!
Igor: The classic.
Marcos: Original Monster.
Marta: Monster Energy Ripper.

Best live song ...

Eneko: Enter Shikari Hectic (One of my favorite bands of all time).
Garci: Down, Set, Go - Underoath.
Igor: Writing On The Walls - Underoath.
Marcos: A Little Piece Of Heaven - Avenged Sevenfold.
Marta: 94 hours - As I Lay Dying

Favorite song?

Eneko: Heavenly Fire
Garci: Devouring Stars - Dawn Of The Maya
Igor: Devouring Stars
Marcos: Devouring Stars - Dawn Of The Maya
Marta: `Kukulkan` Album `Me, The Planet` has always been the issue that I liked to play live. If I had to choose a theme for the new album would be `Wake Up Species, Build A New World` and `The Age Of Darkness`.

What`s essential in your suitcase when you go traveling/tour?
Eneko: A camera and ... shampoo!
Garci: I do not need much. With the iPhone having good strong enough.
Igor: A bag of normal and necessary, clean clothes, etc ... I am nothing strange in that aspect. Ah well yes, bananas! Fundamental eat before touching ones.
Marcos: Sticks, the device charged and spare gallumbos.
Marta: Nothing special: clothes, hair gel (I have a hard hair) and important phone charger, do not know a day without moving!

Favorite gadget?
Eneko: A spike, you never know when you will use it.
Garci: iPhone!
Igor: iPod.
Marcos: Android phone.
Marta: iPod and Samsun Galaxy S3.

Strengths and weaknesses?
Eneko: A virtue: I quite my ball. One flaw: I quite my ball.
Garci: Worker. Perhaps too perfectionist and stubborn.
Igor: I give the best in everything I do, I am very passionate. A defect, I like to sleep too, the bed I can ...
Mark: When I do something out of me, I like to polish it to the best of my ability without letting half. I`m a bit clumsy and clueless in my daily life.
Marta: My strength is that I`m working and I do not like doing things by halves. My biggest flaws is that I have too much bad blood and I`m really clueless.

What or who motivates you/Who inspires you?
Eneko: When I started in music inspired people like Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory, now motivates me all the people who follow us and give your support.
Garci: All the people working on what he likes, he enjoys it and that strives for everything he does has the highest possible quality. Entrepreneurs. Especially people in the art world.
Igor: I think the inspiration is within ourselves, but we must find, analyze your personality and your way of being and acting in certain moments of life ... I personally motivates and inspires me violence and injustices I see around me, gives me strength to shout over the disgust I feel like the world gives. Also people of good heart to give me strength and courage and serenity of course, my adventures in Mexico surrounded by his ancestral cultures.
Marcos: The people I live my daily life and constant learning that is life.
Marta: I encourage all those people who like what you do every day and you show your support. It`s a huge motivation to see how you do not just like you. I am inspired by everything that goes through my ears, I see, read, people around you ... Everything contributes and anything you can get inspiration.

What is the most crazy thing you`ve done?
Eneko: I`ve done several, but one that I remember well is back from Prague with a colleague, with 3 euros in my pocket until we could eat!
Garci: A couple of years ago I did drive 1,000 km in one day to buy a second hand amp at a great price. Within 5 minutes of arriving home my car died for good.
Igor: I guess going to spend the afternoon just to Tepito, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Mexico City. Getting lost in its narrow streets, buying stolen goods (CDs, DVDs) in its famous market and see kids 10, 12 years playing kick the can in a field, with real-caliber weapons. Best of all is that these weapons are sold in the same market for very little money, as anyone who sells mp3!
Marcos: Stop eating out or what I like to save to buy the best dish (plate battery, Cymbal) or complement to my battery.
Marta: I`m not a person who does a lot of crazy. Perhaps the craziest thing I have done is buy a keyboard on the 1st of the month with the money I entered and stay for the rest of the month with just 50 euros for a living. I was eating pasta and rice almost an entire month.

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