Name: `77


Armand Valeta (vocals / rhythm guitar) 04/21/1981

LG Valeta (lead guitar) 25/05/1985

Raw (bass) 12/06/1987

Dolphin Riot (drums) 10/12/1984

Hometown: Barcelona

Discography -

21st Century Rock (2009 Weight Recordings / 2010 Listenable Records)

High Decibels (2011 Listenable Records / Kaiowas Records)

Label: Listenable Records / Records Kaiowas

Style: Hard rock`n`roll

Influences: 50`s & 70`s rock`n`roll, The Who, AC / DC, Led Zeppelin, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Aerosmith, etc.

Date of birth of the band: 2005 Finals


`77 was born in late 2005 in the hands of the Armand brothers and LG Valeta with the unique intention of playing their passion, loud pure and simple rock`n`roll. Their first live debut was on February 10th 2006 in La Rulot of Barcelona, a few months later Dolphin Riot joins as the drummer but still missing a year until Raw joined and began as a complete band. 

After recording an EP as a presentation to the media accompanied by a mini tour of some national cities, they record their first album in December 2008, `21st Century Rock`. The album was very well received by the media and they made an extensive tour all over Spain including the Canary Islands, and managed to play at Azkena Rock Festival. 

In early 2010 the French label Listenable Records pays interested in the band and end up signing a worldwide getting their debut album edited outside the Spanish border, and the opportunity to start touring in other European countries. 

In April 2011 they recorded their second album `High Decibels` in Gutterview Recorders studio in Stockholm (Sweden) with Nicke Andersson (Hellacopters, Entombed) producing, in stores in November. Again, the album had a very good acceptance both for national and international media, performing several presentation tours all over Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, France) and playing in well know festivals as Hard Rock from Germany, Paaspop in Holland or Raismes Fest in France amongst many others.

In October 2012 the band were invited by the Swedish Hard Rock band Bullet, playing a 15 dates tour across Europe achieving great success. 

To date the band is working on what will be their third album, which will begin to record in early 2013.

Meaning of name:

The main reason of the band`s name comes from the year that AC/DC edited `Let There Be Rock` (1977). Favorite album and the Bible of hard rock`n`roll for the Valletta brothers. `This album was the one that pushed us to form a live rock`n`roll band, wild and deafening`



Music, cars, women, sincerity, wine, beer, rum, good food, etc


The music industry nowadays, millions of illegal downloads, prefabricated music, toady people, liars.

I believe in ...

Family, friends and me

Why Monster?

‘Cause it gives you a great dose of energy when you need it with a really variety of flavors, which is different than other energy drinks. But the best thing is the only one that supports and trust in rock and metal bands.

Best Monster time?

At Azkena Rock Festival in Spain there was a lot of Monster in the backstage, dunno how many litters we drank in the whole fest.

Best Flavor?

I like all of them but the best for me is the blue one (Lo Carb), because it has less sugar than the others, but I discovered recently the orange one Khaos and it’s more than good.


Formule1, bikes, running, cycling...


I don’t have tattoos and my bro neither, but Dolphin has tattooed the ’77 logo and the Hellacopters also, the volume potentiometer of LG’s guitar from 0 to 11, Muskelrock logo (one of the best Swedish festivals), and the title of the second ’77 album “High Decibels”. Raw has his father’s bike, a blue Vespa with a personal an important sense for him, the brand of his bass and the strings gauge he use.

Best song ...

Johnny B Goode, Whole Lotta Rosie, My generation, Paranoid... is not necessary to say what bands their of 

Favorite live song?

Big Smoker Pig, it has an energy that makes the people crazy and is the only theme we played each show since the first one, around 300 gigs.

Acts of interest that should your fans know about you?

A normal person, humble, friendly, with good and bad things, perfection person doesn’t exist.

What essential things you bring on tour / trip?

Mobile phone, laptop, and since a few months ago crosswords, it helps you a lot to pass the dead hours when you’re traveling, at hotels, etc.

Favorite gadget?

I’m not much into new technologies like IPods, IPads, and things like these but if it could be included as a gadget, my two old classic cars I have.


Many, specially when you are in a rock’n’roll band although one of the best was the first time we met Nicke Andersson at Azkena Rock fest, and the good thing is he told us that he heard something ‘bout us.

Virtue and Defect?

I’m not good to describe myself but a virtue is constancy in the things I like or work and a defect and virtue at the same time (it depends how obsessed is) the perfectionism

Who or what motivates you?

Family, friends and my personal experiences.

What is the craziest thing you`ve done?

So many maybe too much but one of the craziest thing is when we traveled from the north of Germany to Granada (south Spain) in 30 hours; 2800 Kms. with no stops suffering a van breakdown and finally arriving with a rent car, after a long odyssey.

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