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You can see by the name that Eero Niemela is Finnish but for all practical purposes, this kid is a born-again Canadian, complete with the lifted truck, modified snowmobile, and the Squamish tuxedo to prove it. Since earning TransWorld’s Rookie Of The Year award back in 2005, Eero has spent every winter of his pro career in the powder proving ground of the legendary Whistler backcountry. Through relentless exploration and filming in the Canadian alpine, Eero has emerged as one of snowboarding’s most consistent and versatile backcountry badasses. From the blind drops to the car-sized pillows to the massive natural step-downs the region is famous for, Eero always holds his own. And there’s plenty of evidence out there showcasing Eero’s ultra-smooth, anything-goes approach to shredding pow. The long list of video credits include seasons spent with Whiteout, Mack Dawg, TransWorld Productions, and The People Crew, as well as annual appearances in the underground 8-Mile Crew movies created by his close friend and Monster teammate Mikey Rencz. As Eero continues to push his riding on his own terms among a supportive and talented crew of his peers, the confidence and style apparent in his riding extend to his off-hill activities, where he spends his time golfing, surfing, and pursuing the good life with uncanny ability and a permanent smile on his face.

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