Cyrille Lemoine

Cyrille Lemoine 10x  JET-SKI WORLD CHAMPION

Cyrille began in motocross in 1989 before moving to Jet Ski in 1995.

In his first year in jet stock he rose to become the champion in France, then quickly shifted his focus to the F1 Run category becoming the first French SEA DOO pro rider.

After winning the World Championship in Oléron stock in 1998, and the super stock F1 in 2005, he has since accumulated wins in all categories: RallyJet, offshore and closed course.

Recognised in the media as one of the best riders in the world due to his technical control on closed course and dexterity in Offshore.

Now with 10 titles of World Champion UIM, 3 obtained in 2010 offshore, closed course and slalom
WIth all these wins Cyrille Lemoine is undoubtedly the biggest French rider.
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