Colby West

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This Monster athlete is seriously funny. Seriously! So much so that you might forget that Colby’s on-hill skills are dead serious. With a huge bag of switch maneuvers and tons of style showcased through token tricks like his switch seven double nose grabs, his competitors aren’t usually laughing.

A shocker on the podium at his first Winter X Games, West’s Bronze is Slope turned heads and opened industry eyes for the East coast comedian. Surely not a one-trick pony or a one hit wonder, Colby capitalized on his Winter X momentum by continuing to tear up the competitive ski scene.

Dropping Slopestyle runs almost entirely switch, killing the Superpipe and performing creative spins and slips was the tip of the iceberg and only hinted at Colby’s personality. This was a personality that couldn’t only truly be understood and appreciated on film. Working with Matchstick films, West’s technical prowess was nearly overshadowed by his wit, humor, and comedic timing.

Colby continues to progress, drawing mental and physical inspiration from Monster teammates Jossi Wells and TJ Schiller. With an ever improving game face and a huge repertoire of switch sevens, nine, and tens-and much amplitude in the pipe-Colby is poised to destroy for years running.

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