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Some guys are born into race teams, others, like Luke Woodham, have to work damn hard just to jump behind the wheel once. This is why we are stoked to be able to introduce the 25 year old tyre slayer from High Wycombe, England, as our latest athlete signing.

Although Luke has been around gasoline ever since he can remember, it has been a tough journey to go from fixing busted motorcycles as a full time mechanic, to turning pro and taking on the likes of Vaughn Gittin Jr in all-out drift combat.

“I used to ride MX, and seemed to do alright at anything with an engine,” Luke told us. “I would go pretty crazy on my roadbike with my friends too, but there came a point fairly quickly when I realised that if you’re caught thrashing around on the street, you’re done, or worse. I definitely didn’t want to hurt anyone, and I needed my drivers licence to get to work.”

“It’s part of the reason I got rid of my bike, and got in a car. I did have a couple a small Vauxhalls’ before, but the Nissan S14 200SX I race now, is the first proper car I bought. I’ve had it for five years, and used what I learnt working on bikes to get it up to competition spec.

“After doing a few organised drift days, I was itching to try and qualify for my competition drift licence. It was a massive learning curve going from the street to serious competition, but I’ve loved every minute of it so far.”

In just three years, Luke’s talent behind the wheel has taken him from relative obscurity to scoring back-to-back titles in the 2012 and 2013 Gymkhana GRiD European Gauntlet Series, as well as finishing third overall in the Semi-Pro class of the British Drift Championship. Not to mention also notching up an enviable haul of wins in the super technical Fueltopia Barrel Sprint Series.

All this, in a car that he cut, welded, painted and prepared in his own back yard.

Blasting into 2014, Luke is stepping up to the Pro Category in the British Drift Championship, as well as setting his sights on an appearance in the Monster Energy King of Europe Drift Series. Naturally Luke will also be back in action in for another shot at podium glory in the epic Gymkhana GRiD European Gauntlet Series.

Stay tuned for some serious giant killing performances from this young racer.

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