My Favorite Scar


Dark, forceful, and awesome: My Favorite Scar is a new Dutch rock marvel
with many hidden depths.
They display the epic roar of Metallica, the disconsolate tones of Tool, the
in-your-face ferociousness of Rammstein, and the sweeping sorrow of Alice In
Chains. But these are mere points of reference, because My Favorite Scar
don´t copy any other bands, nor are they prisoners of any one genre.

The band members like to call it ´dark rock´, and that´s probably the most
apt description. Their sound and lyrics are steeped in melancholy.
Perfectionists as they are, they spent years fine-tuning their sound to what
it is today. The end result is an album where the dense guitars of Evan and
Dan, and the driving, sometimes industrial rhythm patterns of bass player
Pat and drummer Stephen fuse seamlessly with Jay´s catchy melodic vocal
lines. My Favorite Scar sound both fierce and fragile at the same time,
which is what makes their music so distinctive. They effortlessly switch
between unforgiving metal tracks such as No Love Lost and remarkably
accessible numbers like Kingsize and Waste, the first single.

In the short time they´ve been together as My Favorite Scar, the five of
them have played with the likes of Disturbed, KISS and Megadeth, and
appeared on the bill of the the Lowlands Festival and Global East festival
in Kiev, which also included Motorhead. Their MySpace page very quickly
notched up over 100,000 hits, and early this year, they launched their own
Scar Channel; a weekly on-line video update to keep the band´s swelling
legion of fans informed of their exploits. It was much needed, because Evan
promises there´ll be many activities to report back to the MFS faithful in
the times ahead. "We´re ambitious, and we don´t shy away from anything. Down
the line, we´ve shed blood, sweat, tears, and relationships for this way of
life. Others may have fallen by the wayside, but we´ve sworn never to give

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