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One of the guys who really put BMX dirt jumping on the national action sports scene, T.J. Lavin struck X Games gold twice in the event – back in the sport’s halcyon days. In 1997, and again in ’99, the longtime Vegas native and former high school wrestler upped the ante in the sport of dirt jumping, adding a BMX racing-influenced style to supercross airtime heights and broke loose with an array of innovative tricks still thrown today, such as 360s, bar spins and tailwhips. But probably the trick Lavin’s best remembered for is his bio Superman seat grabs over massive table top gaps. Rather than flair out like some action sports stars, Lavin continued to ride and create, adding double tailwhips and tailwhip back flips to his quiver like a decade after he first scored X gold. Busted up shoulders aside, Lavin still has top ten runs in him – along with one of the consistently larger fan bases in all of BMX. Now making the transition into music, the talented and creative Lavin continues to run the Monster Energy M-claw logo high above the sculpted Nevada dirt throughout his backyard, behind the mic and, of course, on television through programs like MTV’s “Real World/Road Rules Challenge.”

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