Ayumu Hirano


Ayumu Hirano is a pint-sized powerhouse from Murakami, Japan. What this kid can do on a snowboard at only thirteen years old paints a very graphic picture of the future of snowboarding. He´s going twenty feet out of the pipe now, so what tricks will he be doing when he outgrows his nickname little Mumu? Already he and his older brother Eiju, also an underage shred sensation, are splitting their time between home in Japan and the boardsports epicenter of San Clemente, California, where they skate man-sized vert ramps with man-sized ability. When Ayumu isn´t chilling in SoCal, he´s back home riding the park and pipe at Yokone Resort learning new tricks at dizzying rate. He´s also got an indoor skatepark in Murakami where he can be found flipping and spinning his days away. For the past two years Mumu has won the prestigious US Open Junior halfpipe title, where he soared head and shoulders above his peers. It is also an event widely known as the place to see the best young talent; snowboarding´s farm league for future pros. For Ayumu, that future dream is almost certainly guaranteed, and considering how fast he´s progressing, it will surely be sooner than later.

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