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Monster Energy drifter Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni literally has motorsport in the blood, and has been in the driving seat since he was tall enough to reach the pedals

One of his earliest memories is hanging in the paddock, while his Dad went wheel-to-wheel in karts against then future F1-racers. Of course it wasn’t long before Baggsy was done with sitting on the sidelines, and wanted a piece of the action for himself.

Learning his race craft in Karting, Baggsy raced in the highly competitive Cadet series, which has been the starting point for nearly every professional driver you can think of.  After racing in the British Championship for three seasons, Baggsy made the huge switch off-road to motocross.

While he proved super fast on two wheels, Baggsy couldn’t shake the urge to return to the blacktop and back into cars. In early May 2007, while hanging with friends, Baggsy witnessed something that would change his career for a lifetime.

“I saw this guy skidding a car on full opposite lock. It was completely under control, but out of control at the same time. I had to learn how to do that…” Baggsy told us. Instantly hooked, he got himself a Volvo 340 beater and practiced until the wheels broke off.

Gaining his drift licence, Baggsy stepped up to the Semi-pro class in the British Drift Championship in 2008, driving a Nissan S13 200sx. Finishing an impressive 6th in his first season, meant an upgraded licence and graduation to the pro class.  Showering fans in rubber and tyre smoke, Baggsy stormed to win the championship, racing for Team Japspeed.

With a title under his belt, Baggsy looked to raise the stakes again. Together with Team Japspeed, he helped develop a unique 470bhp 1JZ powered Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Of course developing such a unique car and racing competitively is super tough, and to his credit, Baggsy still netted great results, with a 6th in 2011 and a 5th place overall finish in 2012.

While 2013 saw Baggsy tear up Gymkhana GRiD with some off-the-hook demos, the competition part of the year didn’t quite go to plan. A freak accident during pre-season testing destroyed his competition car days before the first round. The hit was huge, and unfortunately left Baggsy without a ride for the whole season.

Determined to bounce back for 2014, Baggsy will bring the tyre smoke faster and louder with a freshly built 500bhp Nissan S13. Ripping through Europe in the King of Europe Series, as well as making a return to demos at Gymkhana GRiD, make sure you check out Baggsy in action this year.
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