Piotr "Glaca" Mohamed is a musician, producer, visionary and one of the main Polish rock vocalists. He is the leader and creator of one of the most popular, extravagant and progressive rock bands in Poland: Sweet Noise which have released 7 albums so far and became hugely successful offering its blend of rock, electro and hip-hop. From the word go Sweet Noise was an outlet for vital and primal emotions. Always on the edge, always one step ahead of the game - true "sound warrior". During the last few years he collaborated with the biggest names in the Polish music industry from different music genres. The "Revolta" album of Sweet Noise is a unique project combining electro, black metal, hip hop, pop and rock which to this day remains a truly visionary achievement.

Glaca`s new band is called My Riot and it is a blend of rock, electro, breaks, hip hop and punk. The new project is strongly connected to the street art, urban culture, extreme sports and digital art. My Riot’s debut album "sweet_noise" was released on September 13th, 2011. Monster Energy athletes, Tomasz Gollob and Krzysztof Hołowczyc, starred in the music videos of My Riot songs "Sam przeciwko wszystkim" and "Ból przemija".

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