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I was born on 28. September  1999 in Prague. I was a good child,they say. When I was two years old my big pleasure was to ride on a small child´s bike without pedals and I tried all possible tricks on that. My parents must give  me a helmet.  I didn´t take off helmet  practically till now.


My daddy  carry  me on the tank of his enduro bike. And I like it so much,that my daddy seated me on my buddy´s  motorbike KTM 50ccm.It was on  5.12 2004. Since this time bike is my biggest hobby. I prefer to ride a bike and it doesn´t matter if  is it a race or a practice. I like skiing, riding on  bike, tennis, football as well, but the motorbike is the winner! The best of all for  me is a jumping  on the motorcycle. It´s my best activity on the motorbike from the begining. I love to show the jumps to fans. And I enjoy it very much.When I was 6, I met the FMX rider Petr Pilat. On Pilat´s track I slowly tried to jump on table top at first. And later when I was 8, I jumped from the FMX ramp. It was an exciting experience for me and I started to make it for the fun. I began to jump as often as it was possible.I started to learn  new tricks, but I didn´t stop with riding the motocross. I became a member of the  MotoXzone team - team  of Czech FMX father Petr Kuchar.


We are riding on a lot of  FMX events together  and  we are good crew,I think. Guys are giving me some advices and take care of me to not make a mistake. And I like to see  their Superjumps and I try to make it the same. Now  I´m  10years old. And FMX and MX still make me happy. I had my first bigger accident this year in March (broken arm, laceration leg), so I´m slowly and surely getting back.

My successes:

2007 -2. instead of the Czech MX championship  50ccm.

2008,2009 - Participation in FMX Gladiator Games in Prague

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