Lower Than Atlantis

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When Lower Than Atlantis released their debut EP Bretton back in 2008 it was obvious that this Watford based four-piece had hidden depths and a truck-load of potential. Four years later and four records down, LTA have risen from the dirty depths of the UK melodic hardcore scene to the living rooms, TV screens and festival stages of the world. Lyrics that cut to the core, riffs that make you bounce and beats that you simply cannot wrap your mind around (in fact, we loved drummer Eddy Thrower’s drumming abilities so much we made him a custom Monster snare…look out for it at live shows). If you’ve never heard their music before, dream up a wonderful British mix of Nirvana and Blink 182 and you’re half-way there. Lower Than Atlantis are about as solid as proper rock bands can possibly get and with their second album Changing Tune about to drop on Island Records – they are set to dominate the credible rock scene. Watch. This. Space.

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