O.Torvald - Ukrainian rock band, founded in 2005.

Since its inception, the musicians recorded two albums, O.Torvald (2008), V Tobi (2011) and filmed 10 official video clips.
O.Torvald regularly act as headliners on the priority rock festivals of the country.

Mass comes to recognition of group after the publication of the second album in September 2011.
Track List album has 12 songs, Thre are 3 video clips on these songs already. O.Torvald presented their album in 30 cities of Ukraine during their fall tour, which was called "V Tobi TOUR 2011".

The second album called "In You" in many respects different from the debut album.

Starting in 2011, O.Torvald constantly concerts and expand the geography of concerts.
Amount of people at concerts is becoming more, sound  becoming louder, the girls becoming sexier and guys stronger.

Already in the first half of 2012 the group will continue to give concerts in cities that do not have time to play in the fall tour.
In summer 2012 upcoming performances in Ukrainian, Russian, and EUROPEAN festivals.
Already O.Torvald working in studio recording the third album, the output of which is scheduled for 2012.

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