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This kid can do it all. In an age when the pursuit of pro snowboarding progression demands that most riders must specialize, Bode refuses to choose one area of focus and instead continues killing it on all fronts. At six-foot-two, this 25-year old Utah native has built his reputation as one of snowboarding’s best by making man size moves on the streets as well as stepping to the larger-than-life terrain of the Alaskan alpine. Having spent the last four winters producing standout, all-terrain parts in Absinthe Films, Bode’s breakout year came in 2011 when his footage for the film Twelve resulted in an unprecedented ender part that stretched to 7 minutes and included everything from impossible multi-kink street rails to inverted spins on AK spines plus everything in between. Including lots of one-footers. For the 2012 season, Bode competed amongst other top street dogs in the elite X Games Real Snow video competition and filmed with his Absinthe crew again for the film Resonance. When he’s not zigzagging across the winter landscape looking for something to destroy Bode spends his time skating, blogging, riding Jet-Skis, messing around and just generally hanging out with the bros. 

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