Mark Sollors


This long-haired scrapper from Kelowna, BC in Canada is among the new breed of versatile, all-terrain shredders helping to keep snowboarding moving forward on all fronts. But don’t let the mop of hair fool you, Mark’s more likely to be bonking trees than hugging them. At just 23, he’s already developed the backcountry skills of seasoned veteran of the Whistler scene and amazingly his street game hasn’t suffered a bit. Mark got his start at Big White, Kelowna’s local mountain. Exposure to the wider Canadian shred scene through rail trips and his first backcountry missions around Whistler further fueled his passion to ride everything, from kinks to cornices to kickers. And he excels at it all. Mark was soon hooked up by Burton and started filming Sandbox Films. In 2007 he nabbed the ender part in Defective Films’ Child Support and instantly put himself on the map. He put on a show in Burton’s “The B” movie, then moved on to produce a monster of a part in TransWorld’s 2010 film In Color, also earning himself the Rookie Of The Year title and making Snowboarder Mag’s Top Ten list. For such a young buck, Mark has also pulled down quite a stack of magazine cover shots. Without a doubt, more great things are yet to come.

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