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Photo shoot with Super Bike Champion Mahmoud Tannir. Shooting Location Dubai Autodrome and Dubai Desert

Mahmoud Tannir Interview

May 122017

After a seson of domination, finishing on the podium in each of the eleven races, before sealing the championship in its final round. Mahmoud Tannir took the crown for the 3rd time. We were really interested in speaking with Mahmoud, finding out what motivates him to be so successfull and what he's hoping for the future.

Thanks for taking the time to talk. How are things going?


"Can't get any better I guess! Winning my third title feels amazing and to top it all, I went to Bahrain a week back to compete in the last round of the 600cc championship as a wild card and had 1 win and a third place finish there! A perfect way to end our racing season in the region."


Is there something in your career, you would still like to achieve or dream about?


"You never stop dreaming right? I have many goals to achieve, but racing wise, having a go at the full championship in Bahrain next year and it would be also great to get one wild card entry into World Supersport championship sometime to be the first Lebanese to do so, even though I'm getting old but that's just a number no? I'd like to have my own racing team and school in the future to help upcoming riders and grow the sport regionally.


"What motivates you to keep winning and pushing yourself in competition?"


"It's the sport itslef I guess! its just incredible how much you can always learn and improve, it's non stop as a self development tool and it's always great to see just how much you can push yourself and achieve as you get older."


"Do you have any other hobbies apart from bikes?"


I do a lot of cycling when I can and I'm a fitness freak when I'm off the bike! I enjoy training and general fitness a lot. I'd love to have a go at Triathlons sometime.