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Team EnVyUs at the 2016 MLG CSGO in Ohio


Mar 302016

Perhaps the hardest thing for a progamer to do is to find victory in defeat. A player and his team must be able to look at their losses and find the lessons and successes in the match. French champions EnvyUs find themselves in this difficult situation after a close loss to CIS upstarts Gambit Gaming. After being sent to loser’s in an unfortunate set against CLG, nV bootcamped hard overnight. The Frenchmen focused on improving their ingame rotations and communication in between rounds. Despite a tough pistol round, the Dreamhack champions were able to rally and take several rounds on T side. They exhibited their iconic constrictor style to slowly force Gambit into poor positions and then rapidly execute an attack or bomb plant. However, a solid T side wasn’t enough to secure a victory. The second half landed solidly in Gambit’s favor, giving the win to the young Russians.  Though EnVy’s defeat is heartbreaking, it isn’t an end. It’s a dip on the journey of a professional. When EnVy came into the MLG Arena today, they came as a team. When they play, despite DEVIL’s short tenure on the team thus far, they worked as a cohesive unit. And in their loss, they worked to console and bring one another back up. Before the match started, NbK told his teammates that they were one unit, one team. Within hours, nV were already back in the lab studying their match and planning for their next tournament. Though they may have lost, they held their chins high, truly champions in victory and defeat.