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Heavy metal in the United Arab Emirates! Nervecell, the hottest metal band in Dubai, have been rocking it out since 2000, and are a  rare sight in the Middle East, which is a region mostly dominated by mainstream music and chart topping acts.

While the band draws their influences from extreme metal acts like Morbid Angel, Deicide, Suffocation and Bolt Thrower, they also draw inspiration from classic metal bands, such as Pantera, Slayer, Testament, and Sepultura.

Put your hands together ladies and gents, for the guys: James Khazaal (Vocals & Bass), Barney Ribeiro (Guitar), Rami H. Mustafa (Guitar) and Session Drummer Dave Haley. Ready and equipped to release their unique mixture of fast paced thrash and brutal death metal, the band set their stall out to be the driving force behind the wave of heavy metal that was ready to explode out of the region.

From 2005, Nervecell have been on fire, opening up for the legendary Sepultura at the Dubai Desert Rock Festival, as well as headlining the Egypt Metal Festival in 2007 in Cairo. From performing in the Middle East, Nervecell went on to conquer Australia at the Metalstock Festival and the Australian Road Rage Tour.

It wasn’t too long before the European fans got to see Nervecell head out their way, when the band were confirmed for Metalcamp Festival 2007 in Tolmin, Slovenia,. Both the press and metal fans alike began to notice the unstoppable progress of the band. Nervecell were creating history at a time when releasing albums, touring extensively and playing international stages wasn’t an option considered by their peers back in the UAE.

In April 2008 Nervecell released the highly anticipated album “Preaching Venom”. The success that followed the release of “Preaching Venom” went beyond expectations; the album received immense feedback from all four corners of the world including top reviews from well established magazines such as Metal Hammer, Rock Hard, Legacy, and Metal Edge among others.

By February/March 2009 Nervecell came under the management of Center Stage Management and signed an artist deal with Spellbind Records but it also marked the band’s first European Festival Tour. Nervecell’s appearance made them the first metal band from the Middle East to perform on their stages.

While on tour the band gained the attention of Lifeforce Records. Shortly after Nervecell returned home, they signed an international record deal with the German label. In 2010, the band finally headed East to perform for the countless fans located all around the Middle East, including India and Sri Lanka.

This year "Psychogenocide" the band’s 2nd album has been released in the Middle East and is due for release in Europe in April. Rest assured the legacy of Nervecell will only continue to aspire many and grow further…Warm up those necks people ‘cause we’ve got some head banging to do!

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