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Unleashed Podcast featuring Larry Edgar


Nov 012021

Action sports have the power to change lives! Monster Energy is proud to welcome freestyle BMX innovator Larry Edgar on Episode 17 of the sports and pop culture podcast UNLEASHED with The Dingo and Danny. The new one-hour episode released today across Monster Energy’s social media channels, featuring the inspirational story of the 28-year-old who overcome adverse circumstances in his youth to win some of the most coveted trophies as a professional BMX athlete.

“I always thought of BMX like, if you’re not having fun at your sport, go get a desk job!” said Larry Edgar on the UNLEASHED episode about turning his passion for freestyle BMX into a career. As a qualifier, Edgar added: “You’re not going to become rich and famous off BMX. You’re just going to destroy your body for no reason.”

Known for blasting some of the highest airs on the BMX circuit, Edgar is a back-to-back Vans BMX Pro Cup Series overall champion (2017/2018) and 2017 NORA Cup Reader's Choice Rider of the Year winner. But making it as a professional athlete took grit and determination: Edgar experienced homelessness at a young age before discovering freestyle BMX as an outlet. Now he’s at the top of his game. When not competing on big-ticket events like the 2021 Triple Challenge BMX tour, Edgar restores vintage cars and recently applied his fearless approach to bull riding.


Tune in for one of the most inspirational episodes of UNLEASHED to date. Speaking to the two UNLEASHED podcast hosts, Australian action sports personality Luke “The Dingo” Trembath, and professional snowboarder Danny Kass, Edgar shares his pro BMX journey against the odds.


Born in Murrieta, California, Edgar had nothing handed to him in life. He was homeless for a period of time in elementary school and lived in the back of his father’s store. “I didn’t look at it that way. I was just living with my dad at the shop. Just kind of normal. I didn’t care, I just wanted to ride my bike.” The struggle continued in high school when he was living with his father at a motel in Corona.


Through it all, BMX provided an outlet for Edgar. At age 13, Edgar first started riding a BMX bike and never looked back. Early on, he gravitated towards dirt jumps and learned from the more experienced riders. I feel like in the group I was always hanging out with older people, but I was always behind everybody.”

He found his preferred terrain in dirt riding, where he excelled and made a name for himself. His big breakthrough arrived in 2017 when he won his first Vans BMX Pro Cup Series overall championship and proceeded to dominate over the next years.


Beyond the BMX dirt arena, Edgar has also emerged as a competitor in the park discipline and has placed in the Top 10 at summer X Games events. “I like them both equally, but it depends, though. Some bowls suck, some dirt jumps are terrible. Usually, trails are so much fun.” Speaking on the soundtrack that gets him hyped, Edgar named Metallica, Motorhead, and the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ soundtrack as playlist staples.


What really launched Edgar to the top of the pro ranks, literally, was his ability to blast extremely high aerials on any ramp, bowl, or dirt track. Asked on the episode about his technique for coping with the uncertain period between takeoff and landing, the seasoned pro said: “If I start messing up in the air, I just laugh. Come on please, don’t die! It works pretty good!”


Asked about the secret to building a long-term career in the sport, Edgar said: “Keep it fun. I mean, I have my serious moments. But I always keep it fun, or else I wouldn’t be doing this.” Speaking of serious moments, make sure to tune into the show to hear Edgar’s long list of injuries, including the scariest slam that resulted in a near-death experience and nine months of rehab. Which didn’t stop him from pushing the boundaries of the sport. “The doctor said I shouldn’t get back on my bike, ever again. But what do doctors know?”


Edgar recently applied his fearless approach to bull riding. On UNLEASHED, he shares that mounting the bull is “the scariest part. The bull is ticked! While you’re in there, he’s just trying to crush you against the fence. He’ll try to get his horn to you, and you have to lean uncomfortably far forward. Because the bull takes off fast!”