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Shots from Unknown Ride in Arizona

Stunt Athlete

Kade Gates

United States United States


And then there were three. When Buddy Suttle and Nick Leonetti started UNKNOWN Industries as a platform for stunt riding Harley Davidson motorcycles, expanding their inner circle soon became inevitable amidst the viral success of their online videos. In 2012, the two found a worthy recruit by the name of Kade Gates – and the rest is history. Raised in Ventura, California, Gates displayed a need for speed and talent for gravity-defying stunts as a scrawny kid hooked on BMX. Gifted with natural DIY talent, Gates began building choppers and older motorbikes at a young age and picked up his first Harley when he was 19. Once he saw the Unknown crew doing burnouts and wheelies in the ‘Harley Wheelies’ series, everything fell into place: Stunts. Speed. Adrenaline. Authority-defying edge. And 400-pound motorbikes! Gates found a new outlet for his antics and soon put his own videos of high-speed mayhem online. He finally met the UNKNOWN Industries crew at the Rip City Riders show in Petaluma in late 2012, instantly formed a connection, and officially started riding as a team member in April 2013 alongside Nick Leonetti on a national demo tour covering 25 cities. That same year, Gates made his debut in the first UNKNOWN Industries DVD, ‘13th Level’, adding his own gnarly style to the crew’s potent mixture. As the original ‘new kid’ on the team, Kade Gates has set a high bar for future recruits and continued to up the ante ever since.