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Jill Perkins taken at Woodward Park City Utah, 12/3

Snowboarding Athlete

Jill Perkins

United States United States


Welcome to the next level! California native Jill Perkins destroys it all with style and fearless attitude. Originally hailing from Moorpark, California, Jill doubled down on her snowboarding career in 2015 by moving to Salt Lake City for the mountains and ample snow parks. But then again, she’ll take a rough urban spot over pristine jib terrain at any time. Bringing a new level of gnar and finesse to the game, she’s living the dream as a certified pro snowboarder backed by A-list sponsors. Did we mention she can also hold it down on a mountain bike and get tech on a skateboard? No surprises here! A true street snowboarder, Jill likes to shun big contests but still manages to stack high-profile trophies. Her segment in the ‘Everybody, Everybody’ film won honors for Women’s Most Valuable Video Player at the 2020 Snowboarder Magazine Video Awards. She also clinched the Women’s Fan Favorite Award, voted by the fans – and the fans want to see more (so do we!).