Martin Schenk


He started riding motocross when he was 18 and immediately got hooked on jumps and tricks. That was back in ´98 and way before steel ramps were around, so he kept searching for the biggest jumps on the local MX tracks to try new tricks.

3 years later he built the first FMX ramp with a couple of friends and another 3 years later he rode out his first backflip - being the second german-speaking rider to do so - at a time when there were maybe 3 foam pits all over Europe and only a handful riders being able to even give you any advice on how to do it.

Quite some time has passed since then - he has been riding IFMXF and MoD events as well as shows all over Europe and even Namibia and Israel - and after being held back by a couple of severe injuries over the last years he finally feel comfortable enough to enjoy flipping and trying new upside down tricks as much as he did while learning his first tricks back in the 90s. He doesn’t consider himself much as a contest rider - he was never interested in a perfect run. Instead he likes to entertain the crowd and trying to impress his riding buddies. Overcoming fear to stick that new trick for the first time is better than any contest result.

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