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Jose Ignacio Cornejo at the 2019 Dakar HRC Shoot

Dakar Athlete

Nacho Cornejo

Chile Chile


Team name and bike you race on: Monster Energy HRC / CRF450 Rally

Number of years racing Dakar: 4 (Since 2016)

Favorite thing about racing Dakar: The whole adventure, it’s a true challenge with yourself, mind and body to get to the finish and achieve your goal.

Hardest thing about Dakar: Keeping your mind calmed and focus. There’s too many variables that can bother you or make you take some bad decisions.

Craziest Dakar story: On my first Dakar (2016) my bike broke and had to abandoned the race in Bolivia. Me and my dad take a taxi to the border with Chile and my brother and a friend went to pick us up there in the night. The road it’s so slippery at night that they close the road, but we had a friend that helped us to cross. So we were driving back home bummed because of the DNF at Dakar and we start to slide on the slippery road and almost crash to a cliff in the middle of nowhere. We saved it but hit some big rocks and got some flat tires, then had to call another friend from a city kinda close to help us fix it and continue the way back home. That was a loong day! But quite an adventure.



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