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Skateboarding Athlete

Braden Hoban

United States United States


Some skaters make it look far too easy! When it comes to tackling the tallest rails and Hubbas, Braden Hoban delivers next-level tricks in the most nonchalant of styles. And word is starting to spread: After years of building underground hype as an upcoming am with a penchant for going big, the SoCal native secured a spot on the eclectic Toy Machine roster. His standout part in 2021’s “Vaccine” video put Braden’s unique style (burly, tech, and smooth all rolled into one) on the map and gave the skate world a Meme-worthy moment with his twice-around-the-barrel grind as the ender. Known for skating with a constant smile, Braden all but shut down the SLS Hubba Hideout Resurrection contest and clinched the win with a mind-boggling kickflip backside noseblunt slide, just one of the many NBDs unleashed on the storied spot. Keeping the flames lit, Braden delivered an instant classic with last part in Emerica’s “Emerge” video (2022) to solidify his status as one of the main young skaters to watch right now. And did we mention he makes it look far too easy? Welcome to the squad, Braden!