Lukas Brucic


Lukas "Luggi" Brucic grew up in Tyrol in Austria. After some years of ski racing, which every boy out of Tyrol has to do some time, Luggi came to the conclusion, "This category of skiing is not my style. It´s not relaxed at all and the suits are ways too tight!"

So he decided with his brother and some friends to create their own way of skiing - relaxed, stylish and big. They started to do some freestyle moves over self shaped kickers during a time, when free skiing was in its infancy.

In the year 2000 he got his first twin tipp sponsor and from this time on Luggi wasn´t just well known in the free ski scene, he also almost invented it and brought it over to Austria.

Nowadays, still in the game, he travels all winter long together with his friends of the Pickings Fam for the perfect shots for their own production called "headbud". The rest of the season he gets invited to some contests and enjoys life on it´s - and at the mountain´s peak(s).

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