Rafał Pasierbek


My name is Rafał Pasierbek in Stuntriding world im known as a Stunter13 , Motorcycles are all my life , when i was 6 years old my grandpa gives me to try first time his Polish old bike i didnt touch with feet the ground so i was riding around village till the gas ran out ! when i was something like 15 years old i watched some OG stuntriders from USA and i enjoyed alot ! and thought would be nice to connected the motorcycle passion with something new what was Stunts especially these days in Poland.

In 2005 i was Competed in my first Competition called StreetFighter Festival in Poland , i came there just to see how all this works but somehow i won it ! so that was my kickstart to go more professional into the stuntriding.

 12 years in this game right now , compeeting , doing shows , filming , traveling around world and got alot of FUN !

Currently im riding on a  KAWASAKI ZX636 2003-2004 and also i use for shows small Honda xr 50 


1st Place - SFF 2005
1st Place - ExtremeMoto 2008
1st Place - SFF 2008
1st Place - SBF 2009
1st Place - ExtremeMoto 2009
1st Place- StuntGP 2009
1st Place- Kurun Contest France 2010
1st Place- ExtremeMoto 2010
1st Place - StuntGP2010 International
1st Place - Vertical Trix Europan Championship 2010
1st Place - Extreme Day Rzeszów 2011
1st Place - TOH Stunt Party 2011 
1st Place - Streetbike Freestyle European Championship in Austria 2011
1st Place - StuntGP 2011 
1st Place - SBF London 2011 
1st Place - STUNTWARS 2011 , Orlando
1st Place - XDL INDY FINALS 2011

1st Place - StuntGP 2012 World GrandPrix 

1st Place - XDL INDY 2012 

1st Place - International Stunt Competition in Morocco 2012 

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