Skaterocker, Masamichi Ozawa a.k.a "OZZY" was born in Kita-Kyushu “The Rock city” located on the South West side of Japan. He moved to the Northern Territory Sapporo city, Hokkaido when he was around 7 years old. OZZY has been skiing, skateboarding and energized by playing rock music since age 14.

OZZY`s talent for music has lead to numerous big time record label offers but if you know OZZY he is a man with distinctive competence and is not one to comply, staying true to Japanese Punk Roots he continued skating and playing music his way. Always a crowd pleaser at skate contests and demos`s, you could call OZZY "Mr. Entertainer". Now living in Tokyo, OZZY spends his time skating and playing with his new formed band "Stayfree". OZZY skates, rocks, and lives hard! You can quote him.. “Skaterock until die… brother…!!!!”.

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