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While many bands can claim to have large a fanbase, it’s rare to find a group with a following as incredibly dedicated as The Amity Affliction. Their fans travel the country, get lyrics and band art tattooed, and make their love for the band known as often as they can (the band and their records constantly top Media polls). It’s why they sell out shows across the country to deafening roars and why they are constantly one of the top bands on all social media networks. Most recently, their new album “Youngbloods” debuted at #6 on the Album Charts in Australia – surprising in the entire industry and proving that a real fanbase wins over media hype and radio play.


So what is it that has made people lose their mind over a heavy band that originated 6 years ago in a small town in Queensland, Australia? Well part of it is hard work, with the band being a mainstay of the touring circuit for their entire existence. They also understand small towns and make an effort to constantly tour places that many bands can’t be bothered with.


But that’s only part of the chemistry that made this band what it is today. The truth it’s the stories and personalities of the members themselves that has set Amity apart from the pack and made them one of the most loved and respected acts in Australia.


Behind the cheeky song names and party atmosphere the guys carry around on tour, The Amity Affliction is a band with a message and a story. In a recent blog to fans Joel Birch explained a lot of the album – about the struggles of the past year in the lead up to its release, and always delivering the positive message that no one is alone, and everything is fixable. The entire album is delivered in the same tone from the opening track “I Hate Hartley” and it’s gang chant of “I Won’t Die Defeated” right down to the finale “Fuck The Yankees” – which Birch offers as a thankyou to his mother for all she’s given him. The music and the message are both delivered with impact and experience – this is a band full of people who have fought for everything they have, and a band of people who are encouraging young people to do the same.


In a day and age where few heavy bands of any substance cross over to a greater audience, The Amity Affliction are using their voices to deliver a message as powerful as their music.

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