Polar Nation


As diverse as the elements that come together to form the music of Polar Nation, so are the

members, Aki Redbird, Matthew Charles and Samson Thompson.


A tribal member of the Cherokee / Lenape Sand Hill Band of Indians New Jersey and southeastern Cherokee Council Georgia USA, Aki Redbird is the son of medicine man; Chief Medicine Crow. Moving to Australia at the age of 3, Aki worked as a V.J on channel V’s Soul Kitchen & Freestyle shows before he founded hip hop group Little Horse in the early 2000’s. Building a name for himself in the Sydney & West LA hip-hop scene, he has Collaborated with the likes of NFA and D.J Dexta, Little Horse also shared the stage with 1200 Techniques, The Avalanches and Bliss N Eso. The group split in 2003 when Aki shifted his focus to Artist development & production.


Honing his talent in his home studio, it took two Solo Albums and a couple of years before Aki earned himself a Native American Music Award on his father’s album ‘Homeland Security’, before joining forces with NAUSZ MUSIC to build the Polar Nation collaboration.

Samson Thompson, from Sydney’s Northern beaches then came into the fold. Previously touring Europe with his solo album ‘War Dogs’, Samson had been performing as an MC alongside numerous acts including Lil Gzeus, MC Shureshock, DJ K-note and Will Styles at Playground Weekender.


Singer/songwriter Matthew Charles was the final element to join Polar Nation, injecting electronika into the mix. Having toured his rhymes around Australia as the lead MC for outfit Dirty Laundry. Matthew’s background had previously seen him performing at festivals like Good Vibrations, Kiss My Grass, Hot BBQ and Groovin The Moo. He was then approached by Aki and Samson to join the collective Polar Nation.


Producing the original beats in Aki’s home studio they set about writing their debut album, the three MC’s now known as Polar Nation brought their live freestyle skills to the studio. With Aki Directing in the recording process with NAUSZ music’s Willy Banks and Craig Harnath at Melbourne’s Hot House helping with co-production.


With further production aid from Toni Espie at Sing Sing Studios and US producer Chris Arvan, Polar Nation also features the mastering skills of the industry respected; David Walker, Jack The Bear and Ted Jensen (Metallica, Norah Jones, Yeah Yeah Yeahs).


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