“It has only just begun!” – Dawn


Can a great three-piece band still change the world?

Green Day, Nirvana - each generation seems to throw up an act that strips away the bullshit; that arrives from out of nowhere with only bass, guitar, drums, and a powerful voice out front and a revolutionary belief in making rock ‘n’ roll matter again.


Skinwalkers are that band. Fall Or Resist is their new EP.

Barely out of their teenage years, the three-piece unit play with a ferocious, almost military precision in a mix of punk, have metal, hardcore and emotionally-charged rocked ‘n’ roll.


The group features Matt Turner on drums, Lenny Delandre on bass and vocals and Lach Jenno on guitar and lead vocals.

Matt freely admits, “The first time I heard The Clash it changed my life.” Lenny and Lach agree whole-heartedly, citing Metallica and Rancid as other beacons of their musical youth.

All three share the song writing duties, and in a time of war, natural disasters, and economic crises they felt it was important for the band to come out fighting in 2011. As the track Dawn puts it, “This is not the end of the world! It has only just begun!”

You can hear that urgency on a classic, working class anthem like ‘Fall or Resist’: the sheer raw weight of the music; then its extraordinary, angry rush.


Amazing that this same angry-sounding band can then deliver a song of loss like ‘Breakheart’, which memorializes a female friend killed in a car accident: “I only know love from the pain it brings me.” Take a good listen to the way lion-voiced singer Lach Jenno cries that lone word ‘love’ like someone being gutted. The James Hetfield meets Joe Strummer comparisons are  deserved.


‘Rage’ meanwhile has enough punch in it to knock an entire pogo-ing mosh-pit on its back.    Ironically it’s about bassist Lenny’s thoughts on anger. “That’s a very deep song and rage is a very powerful emotion,” says Lenny. “You can beat it, that’s what the song is about and that’s the message for anyone else who hears it too.”


They’ve since been told all kinds of things about their sound, from it being too punk to not punk enough! “It’s honest music. Look at The Clash,” says Matt. “You couldn’t call them just a punk band. They’re also rock, they’re reggae they’re all kinds of things.” Lach agrees: “All that punk is to us is an attitude; it’s simply using your mind.”

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