Mark Monea


Mark Monea or ‘Monz,’ is the latest revelation in the world of Freestyle Motocross (FMX). An experienced motocross racer from Gippsland in Victoria, Monz’ entry into FMX was almost by accident – when play riding with friends, he created one of the most technical action sports tricks of all time; and called it the ‘Carry On.’


After landing the trick for the first time, on a private property in Pearcedale, Victoria, Monz shot to stardom. The You Tube clip has received more than 1.3 MILLION views from around the world. He was quickly snapped up by the largest action sports tour in the world, the ‘Nitro Circus’ and performed five more times to packed stadiums in regional Australia.


Monz’ first ever FMX competition, just happened to be the biggest of its kind in the world – the X Games. Mark attempted a never seen, ‘no handed’ version of the Carry On and crashed heavily. Despite this disappointment, he rebounded, to win the second biggest competition of the year, the inaugural ‘Monster Energy Cup,’ in Las Vegas and showed the world the hype around him was much deserved.

İzlə Mark Monea
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