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DAWgeek is a pseudonym. Devansh Bhatia is a young geeky Music Producer/DJ, Composer and a multi-instrumentalist from Mumbai, India. In mid-2014, he began uploading cover music videos in collaboration with various artists to his Vou Tube channel. His style vastly differs with every project he undertakes showcasing his versatility in his music-making techniques. Having experimented with most of the genres, his sound is fresh and distinct. As his alias suggests, he's a geek of the DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation). Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Cubase, etc. You name it, he knows it. His love for blending technology with music adds up to his controllerism skills on Electronic Instruments. On the leap day of 2016 he independently released his debut original track 'Fly Away' which can be found on the shelves of the best digital music stores, worldwide. He gained popularity online with his remix covers of International Pop hits and Bollywood songs blended with Bass Music that reached out to Millions of hearts. 2017 became a milestone year with him getting an opportunity to produce music for 'Tutari', a track composed and sung by the legendary Shankar Mahadevan for the Ganpati Festival. Apart from making VouTube music videos, he produces music for well-known artists of Bollywood, songs for Movies, Ad Jingles, TVCs and more. He performs live music sets with various artists at reputed venues and festivals. Stay tuned to his social media for this Musical Geek's latest updates.