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Photoshoot with Kenyan Monster Ambassador Femi One.


Femi One


Femi One started rapping when she was 15 years old. She started out in a big group of young stars who were being taught how to rap by established Kenyan rappers called Wenyeji. They went on to graduate and formed groups. Femi One got into a group with two other girls and they began rapping. The group consisted of Samantha, Mary and Femi One. The trio used to perform at gigs like WAPI and people could not get enough. During one such performance at WAPI the trio was approached by event organizers from South Africa who were interested in having them perform at a big show in South Africa at the time called, Fire on the Mountain. The show in South Africa gave Femi One a platform to see there was more out there. After the show in South Africa, the group split as they had to go to high school. They went out of touch with Mary but Samantha and Femi One kept in touch until Samantha went on to do different things. Femi One however continued to rap at WAPI events and that is where she was spotted by King Kaka. King Kaka asked Femi One to feature in hi Ligi Soo remix which went on to become one of the biggest remixes in the country and her career fully kicked off from there. She then got signed to Kaka Empire where she has continued to grow. Her musical influences over the years have been, Zakah and Swaleh of Wenyeji, Eli Sketch, King Kaka and Talib Kweli.