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Yung Pinch


Three years after writing his first rhyme, Yung Pinch has multiple songs and videos with over 10 million reached. The Huntington Beach, California artist is prominently featured on official Spotify playlists, spanning DancePop to cutting-edge culture. Listen carefully to viral hits such as “When I Was Yung” and “Look Like,” and one can hear the voice from the north side tell a story of loss, uncertainty, and self-reliance. “My mom and my dad were doing drugs their whole life. They were in and out of jail, and still are to this day,” he says. At 11, Pinch lost his grandfather—his caretaker and best friend. He suddenly became the latchkey patriarch. Solace and shelter came through music. It began listening to Weezer, Eminem, Big L, and Young Thug. Inspired, Pinch tried his hand at writing. The drummer, surfer, and skateboarder discovered an opportunity to address the guarded aspects of his life. Before graduation, Pinch tattooed a nautical anchor with a musical note on his neck. “I decided that music was my anchor.” With nothing but a small following in his own community, the rapper/singer admits, “I had no fanbase at all. I just had faith in myself.” He grew out his hair. Studio sessions with friend Brandan "Matics" Maddox became the post-grad plan. Not long after this declaration, “Rock With Us” would organically achieve over a million plays. SoCal radio play and concerts followed. Besides his raw revelations, Pinch captures the imagery of his backyard. “This is really like a paradise playground. You’re five miles from the beach everywhere that you go. You’ve got all the pretty girls you could ever imagine, and all the fire weed you could possibly need. But there’s things that also make it difficult. There wasn’t another artist or rapper from Huntington Beach. I basically am the first. People didn’t know how to take me, initially.”