Skate Journal- Rey de Reyes Chilean Skate Trip: Part Two

April 08, 2014

Santiago and Valparaiso are overflowing with spots!  After making quick work of the city and experiencing some Chilean street skating the crew embarked on a day mission towards the Argentinian border for an afternoon vert session.  The mountains in South America are some of the most awe inspiring on earth, and in the shadow of one of Pablo Escobar's old villa's, the dudes blasted airs and barked grinds well past nightfall.  Rey de Reyes is the biggest Skateboard contest in Chile and it brings out some of the best South American Skaters from Brazil, Argentina, Peru and beyond.  After an epic week in the streets, Rey de Reyes was the perfect end to Monster's Chilean Skate Trip.  

Stay tuned for the Rey de Reyes Chilean Skate Trip Video by Jared Lucas.

Photos by: Cristian Saavedra Junge 

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