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Danny Way is the greatest skateboarder of all time. It’s a simple, undeniable fact. Now age 38, Danny’s tireless progression over the past twenty-plus years makes him the most recognized and respected skater to ever roll on four wheels. 

An illustrious pro career he began at only twelve years old was highlighted by two Thrasher Skater Of The Year awards, three Vert Rider Of The Year awards as well as countless contest victories and game-changing video parts. But Danny’s mind-bending progression soon left his peers behind and sent him on a singular mission to redefine skateboarding again and again in ways only he could dream up and pull off. He has set multiple world records for the highest airs on vert, distance jumps, and land speed. Danny invented and pioneered the MegaRamp, later introducing it at XGames, where he won three consecutive Big Air gold medals in his self-styled event. Stunts like bomb-dropping from a helicopter, jumping over the Great Wall of China, and an incredible 80+ foot drop off the guitar sign at Hard Rock Las Vegas brought Way and his fearless flights to a global audience, yet all the while he has remained an inspirational force within core skating. 

A documentary on Danny’s incredible life, entitled Waiting For Lightning was recently released. He has also recently completed construction of his next-generation MegaRamp training facility in the jungle of Kauai. What makes Danny Way a true legend and pioneer is not just what he did twenty years ago, it’s what he’s doing right now. And what he might do next...
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