Buttsy Butler

Some guys drive hard, others party harder, Monster Energy’s resident demo hero, Buttsy Butler does both. Don’t let the crazy image fool you though, Buttsy is a made-man in the world of drifting, and few drivers can match up to the skill that he can throw down behind the wheel.
Flash back over thirteen years ago. Having sunk every last dime he had into a Toyota AE86 Corolla, the then unknown racer from Waterford in Ireland was doing everything possible to make a name for himself in the emerging drift scene.
Smoking out local car shows was just a start, and it wasn’t long before people started to take note. Hooking up with one of Ireland’s first drift teams - named ‘Opposite Lock’, Buttsy got the chance to  use his trademark all-or-nothing style at events throughout Ireland and the UK.
At the same time, Buttsy was also hard at work outside of the cockpit. Sitting on the judging table at countless events and competitions throughout Europe, as well as helping set up the ProDrift championship.
He didn’t just stop there though. Becoming a regular on the Gumball circuit catapulted Buttsy into a world of supercars and huge parties. Ever the showman, Buttsy was more than happy to oblige bringing tyresmoke and smiles at every turn.
This year, we are stoked to be supporting Buttsy again as he reps the brand at another wild series of events and races. Keep a watch out for him at Gymkhana GRiD and Gatebil Rudskogen, to name but a few. Party on Buttsy!
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