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Stop 2 – Montpellier, France

Next it’s back to our roots!
This stop needs no introduction it is LEGENDARY.  This event is considered the most anticipated amongst action sports riders and fans.  Crowds for this one usually hit the 600,000 mark making it t

BMX Athlete

Leandro Moreira

Brazil Brazil


True BMX dirt riders pride themselves on how many hours they worked on the jumps over how many hours they’ve ridden them. They wanna go high, whip the bike out, click some tables and turndowns, and repeat. Riding trails, for all intents and purposes, is a lifestyle within the lifestyle of BMX. Leandro Moreira represents that idea through and through, but on top of that comes a heavy, heavy bag of tricks. And to be honest, Leandro doesn’t just “do tricks.” He executes them. If he does a straight turndown, it’s wrenched as far as it can go. If he does a backflip tailwhip-to-turndown, it too is wrenched as far as it can go. Where other riders are getting by and squeaking tricks in, Leandro seems to be obsessed with perfection. And the other riders on the deck respect that. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s the local trail boss at what is considered by many to be the gnarliest jumps in the world—the Caracas Trails in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The size of the jumps and the level Leandro rides on a daily basis is absolutely baffling, even to the most seasoned pros. If you haven’t witnessed it yet, hit his Instagram ASAP. Leandro’s regular sessions have earned him an automatic invite to every legit trail event around the world and he has the wins to show for it. First place at the BMX Worlds, second place at Vans Kill The Line, a three-time champion at the Super BMX event, and a Number One Dirt Rider Of The Year nomination are just a few of the accolades he’s racked up. While Leandro may live the life of a well-traveled BMX pro, he also makes it a point to give back to his community by throwing local events and doing his best to show riders the way through the trails—both physically and metaphorically.