Angel Karanyotov


Just seventeen but already with eight years of experience, Angel Karanyotov started
competing in Supermoto in 2008, after being one of the best MX riders in Bulgaria at the time.

His motorcycle is KTM 450cc SMR 2010 and he shares with Monster Energy that the
sport fills his mind and makes him feel extremely motivated to pursue his goals.

His first win was in the distant 2004 and in August 2011, Angel won the Bulgarian Supermoto
championship for the third time, leaving the competitors no chance.

Angel says that professional riding calls for hard work and discipline. He dreams of winning
the world championship and since quite a few specialists in the sport define
him as the Bulgarian Supermoto dream kid, that wouldn’t be a surprise.

No idols for Angel – not in the Supermoto, as he thinks of the others as competitors who
he strives to beat so any sentiments do him no good. Yet he admires the best
athletes and especially the Bulgarians who compete in individual sports.

Angel loves the mountain and swaps the motorbike for the snowboard and ski in the winter.

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