Till We Drop


Till We Drop comes from Budapest, Hungary and fuses melodic pop punk riffs with metal breakdowns and gang vocals.


The band was formed in late 2009, but isn`t new to the Hungarian underground scene. They recorded their first single "Twenty Two" in February 2010, and have since played many shows all over the country, gathering new fans everywhere they go. In July they filmed a Monster Energy music video with MAT team member András Szabó featuring the band performing the song "Be Kind, Please Rewind!" in the Monster Energy - Vans Skatepark. András, who was a great young talent and a good friend of the band suffered a fatal accident and became the subject of the third single "B.R.O. [This One`s For Our Friend]". The music video for the song "Twenty Two" is in the works, and late 2010 will see the release of the debut album. Till then, "everybody drink, everybody sing till we drop!"

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