Vendetta - since 1993. Yeah, that´s right - the bugarian hardcore band is rocking stages all over the world for almost 20 years now and they are good at it! Their last album AMICI DEI, INEMICI MUNDI, released by the Berlin hardcore music label Superhero Records, has been sold out in just a few months all over Europe. The guys have shared one stage with the likes of Madball, Stampin´Ground, Agnostic Front, Born from Pain, Integrity, 25 Ta Life, Max Cavalera (Sepultura & Soulfly) and many, many more worldwide. Monster Energy is proud to announce that they are a part of the big family now. Delian Stefanov (vocal), Simeon Mihaylov (guitar), Marin Sladkarov (drums), Martin Georgiev (bass) and Peter Vassilev (guitar) started the band as ´FACEUP´ - the first hardcore band in Sofia. In 2001, joined by Alexander Purvanov (vocals) and Mihail Yossifov (guitar), they brought their sound to a higher level and started the ´double-vocal attack´. Thats when "FACEUP´ was transformed into ´Vendetta´ - the name people in Bulgaria associate with hardcore music and lifestyle ever since then.

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